Caribex Security Services for entertainers, business and government leaders delivers armed executive protection specialists with extensive military training. We provide professional personnel capable of preserving the lives of our client under any imaginable circumstances.

Our executive protection specialists are highly experienced, combat tested men whose ability to defeat any threat is a given. Our personnel are supported by a staff of communication and planning specialists who can be relied on to alert the 'on the ground' detail to the presence of any threat.

A full array of state of the art listening and eye- in-the-sky gear with infrared cameras combined with 24/7 sat-com capability provides advanced warning allowing for proper response. The entire point of the 'net of protection' we provide is to give our client time for fight or flight.

Our security program is designed to identify, evaluate and neutralize risks before they become serious threats. We employ sound judgment and professionalism to ensure our client’s safety. Our operatives comprehend, analyze, recommend, and effectively implement measures to successfully complete the mission.

When it comes to logistical ground transportation, we provide small, midsize and large private jets, armored vehicles, limousines, low profile SUVs and other vehicles designed for the personal protection of our client. We only use our carefully selected men as bodyguards and drivers for our principal. We guarantee that our personal protection measures are carried out in the highest possible and professional manner.

Executive Protection
• In-flight travel protection
• Traveling security protective team support
• Security advance
• Executive drivers
• Asset protection
• Technical surveillance countermeasure (TSCM)
• Communication logistics
• Ground transportation logistics


We are not reactive- we most assuredly are pro-active. We do not wait for the enemy to come to us. What is a proper security net? Proper long term executive protection begins by closely monitoring world and local events. One has to be well aware well in advance from what direction a threat may develop and have effective counter measures in place. Any and all threats to the client must be neutralized early on. A list of all possible threats is generated early on and steps taken to eliminate them as soon as possible.

Serious risks stem from a client's enemies and frequently these individuals are located at a distance. Caribex personnel carefully evaluate the potential of the various targets and, based on our findings, effective steps are formulated and quickly carried out. It has been our practice never to allow a threat to metastases.

We closely examine every facet of our client's daily routine such that no aspect goes unnoticed. We treat all with whom he comes into contact with an element of suspicion from the kitchen and medical staff to trusted servants. Our precaution stems from experience and remembering how Indira Gandhi, in 1984, was murdered by her personal guards. We use state of the art detectors to determine the loyalty of the client's staff and close associates.

The protective net extends over every aspect of the principals life. Our support staff examines and monitors events such that any indication whatsoever of any kind of threat is instantly brought to our attention and carefully analyzed. Solutions are formulated and immediate actions initiated.

Hidden recording cameras with voice activation are installed in key (tactical) locations and monitored remotely by the support staff who remain in constant contact with the boots on the ground. Pressure sensors are installed such that any unauthorized and or suspicious movements are instantly observed. Such devices are placed as close as possible to any perceived enemy no matter where they are located.

At times, it may become imperative that the client vacate the immediate area as quickly as possible. To implement such a movement we recommend stationing an aircraft in a safe (secure) location, often not in the country, such that, once alerted, it can be waiting with engines running at the closest field. Caribex has experience in this area.

Personal protection;

Depending on the client's location and our assessment of the threats, we supply ballistic body armor to be worn whenever the client is exposed such that snipers or closer shooters can pose a danger. The net of course extends to any area where a long range shooter could be hidden but- we would be remiss if we allowed the protectee to take unnecessary risks.

Counter threats:

It's clearly never enough to simply react to an attack- that's what police and law enforcement do- well after the fact- when it's far too late. A professional protective detail lays out a highly professional finding, defining every and all possible dangers to the client and takes steps to silence and counter the threat well before it's realized.

For example, assuming an enemy of our client lives in a foreign country and is using his money and influence to cause bodily harm to the client- he's, for example, hiring assassins! The proper and effective response is to first issue a 'highly believable' command to cease his activities and, if he doesn't take the advice- carry out the threat.

What does it cost to retain our services?

If a request is presented we will deliver an estimate of the costs based on the level of manpower and equipment required. If, for example, an emergency aircraft were to be included, the costs would extend to cover its purchase, maintenance crew and hangar. The nature of and magnitude of the threat to the principal to a great extent determines the number of personnel required. Then, whether they are to be reactive or engage in counter threat action also substantially increases costs. Payments are made one month in advance with no exceptions. Our detail will not remain on site for 24 hours past a missed payment.

In general, we recommend not less then 4 round the clock professionals which means that a total of 9 men working 12 hours shifts will be co-located with the client. Our personnel are rotated (home leave) periodically and the costs of this are included in the overheads.

Describing our personnel;

Most are 35 to 45 years of age and all have current and vast military experience- they are war fighters by nature and training. All are extremely honorable and well educated, many speaking several languages. All are technically proficient. Our men do not smoke and are regularly tested for loyalty and drugs. Alcohol is never abused and they are all very well paid and not in any way susceptible to bribery. They work as a professional special ops team, using a wide variety of advanced technology and force multiplying weaponry. There are no better!






In response to both 9/11 and evolving and on going threats, such as occurred in Brussels Sharm_el-Sheikh and Paris we have significantly enhanced our recommendations  to clients as regarding their ability to detect threats through a multi-layered, risk-based system. 

In the US nearly 51,000 Transportation Security Officers (TSOs), Transportation Security Inspectors, and Behavior Detection Officers serve on the frontlines at more than 450 U.S. airports.  Prior to 9/11, limited federal security requirements existed for cargo and baggage screening.  

Security however, in much of the developing world, is virtually non-extant as regards the threats from within, meaning airport workers and Muslim pilots. Islamic terrorist sympathizers working at airports not only in Islamic countries but, in fact, in the EU and US as well are potentially great threats. Political correctness and federal protocol prevents even US authorities firing Muslim workers. In Sharm el-Sheikh an airport worker placed a bomb on a Russian charter flight - all were simply vacationers from St Petersburg and all are dead. 

The airport in Brussels was attacked and many killed by Islamic terrorists who walked in the front door pushing baggage carts. No one tried to stop them. Today, in the US 100 percent of all checked and carry-on baggage is now screened for explosives and the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) continually assesses intelligence to develop countermeasures in order to enhance its multiple layers of security at airports and onboard aircraft. However, this would not have been an effective deterrent at all in the Brussels case.

Today, all airlines flying to the U.S. from foreign countries must provide Advance Passenger Information and Passenger Name Records prior to departure and has expanded trusted traveler programs, expediting travel for passengers who provide biometric identification and pass rigorous, recurrent security checks.

 What is does about those holding EU passports isn't clear unless their names appear on the no fly list. IN the UIS, screening by name is politically incorrect as only Arabic and Muslim names would be selected but, while all Muslims aren't necessarily terrorists all terrorists, or nearly all, are Muslims.

 What Caribex has recommended is setting up screening procedures ( filters)  such that no Muslims are allowed near an airport absent screening. How do we do this? The minute any Muslim buys an airline ticket the process begins. We register all Muslim men and women from age 12 to 50 in a 100 mile radius and see up various screening filters that tend to identify them with terrorists organizations and cells.

 We collect cookies off terrorist websites using a number of safe hackers who are able to paste digital flypaper on the sites as they pop up and are replaced. We install candid cameras in all Muslim neighborhoods, mosques, restaurants and in some cases apartments. We tag their vehicles and track movements as well.  

There's significant threat at all airports from Muslims working on the ramp and within the cargo and passenger terminals as well as the many delivery and service vehicles allowed into secured areas.

 A huge threat is poised by all Muslim airlines flying into Europe or America. Any one of them could easily carry an atomic or bio weapon which could be activated with a few hours from it being loaded. Flights flown by Muslim pilots on aircraft loaded by Muslim ramp workers can and do fly daily from Saudi Arabia, Pakistan Iran, Egypt and others directly non-stop into Europe and America. The risks are tremendous and highly likely.  

Caribex recommended to the FAA that cockpit doors be hardened years before 9/11. We also went to the FAA in Washington DC and warned them about the threats from Islamic extremists  several years beforehand. Our warnings weren't listened to- but now, in the midst of what can only be called an all out war with Islam's crazies our advice is highly valued.  

 Aviation is a prime target of Islamic extremists and it takes original thinking and bold and decisive action to stop the terrorists in advance of them pulling off a successful attack. No consideration can be given to hurting the feelings of Muslims in fighting this dangerous enemy. One must do whatever is necessary to stop them from destroying western civilization.