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Aircraft Management

Aviation Management Deluxe is a total aviation management program that will provide the owners, stockholders, managers and employees of small to mid-sized aviation businesses ( Charter, Sales, Fractional ) with the tools and reporting that they require to effectively manage their company. Aviation Management Deluxe ( AMD)  is a modern access ( visual basic) program that takes advantage of the LAN / WAN ( local area network and wide area network ) to take full advantage of the state of the art capabilities of  IT.

The program was written over a four-year period and is delivered fully customized to reflect a particular business in a way that no “off- the- shelf” program is capable of. The program is written for the PC windows environment and provides internet access ( via secure firewalls) to the management program through the company’s public home page. The following describes the capabilities and flexibility of the program. Currently modules are being created expressly designed for Fractional management.

Accessibility: Fractional owners, pilots and company managers can be anywhere in the world and log onto the home page and a encrypted PIN will allow them access to various levels of the company program. The Chairman, President and CFO for example, can access the financial data, review recent deposits and determine the current financial position of the company. Each department manager can access his department’s personnel records, budget, and all the reports and databases that he may be concerned with.

Communications: Fractional owners, crews and employees in the field will be able to send and receive e-mail from the company managers and various departments as well as to each other. Communication will be vastly improved as will the speed and accuracy of the data flow. One feature of the Management Program allows an owner to book a flight on-line. The owner selects his days to fly and sends the booked flight message to the management company ( dispatch office) though the interactive web site. This action also sends an auto-message by email, beeper and cell phone to the assigned crew. The alert message is sent every 15 minutes until the Pilot responds by calling the company and sending a reply email acknowledging the flight. His acknowledgment automatically sends an email to the owner and management office confirming the flight. A demo of this feature can be seen at the “Owners” page on the website, airsharespro

Trip Termination reporting: Crews will enter a log book summary on Trip Termination forms (on line) that will immediately transfer the data into the maintenance records, airman’s records, employee files, payroll and scheduling, etc.  The speed and accuracy of the data flow will greatly help management make correct entries in real time instead of operating on data that may be, corrupted by human transpositions errors, etc.

Sales: The sales program module allows detailed entry of contact information from the initial contact through to the contract. The program fills out addresses on company forms contracts, billings, stationary and labels, dials the contacts numbers and sends emails. This is a very professional sales contact program in every respect.

Accounting: The Accounting module provides a master budget and requires that each department manager construct and operate from and within his respective departmental budget. A virtual check book and full commercial accounting program (attachable) can be included and tied to the various budgets allowing checks to be processed only from pre-approved line items in the budget and only to approved vendors. All payments that are for more than a pre-set variable and any to others that are not included in the vendor lists, etc. require two PINS in order to be printed. There is a provision that allows for electronic bank transfers from within the program as well. Fractional owners will be able to review and print out their current and past billings, check their aircraft maintenance schedule, current location etc.  Any desired reporting format can be included in the program tailored to the express requirements of the client. 100% of the data can be transmitted automatically to most commercial accounting programs.

Operations: The operation module reflects crew member data ( airmen’s records, etc. ) and updates the various fields in real time as the trip terminations reports are filed. If the company obtains ACARS system or internet accessible COMSAT equipment this information can be delivered in real time as the aircraft is flying. The information recorded includes duty and flight time to reflect the applicable FARs, Physicals, recurrent training dates, vacation bids, etc. The Operations Module will allow messages to be sent to the aircraft (optional via installation of Lap Top computers with Comsat or even FM modems) on each aircraft) and email to the crews or generate hard copy letters and labels.  Operations manuals can be scanned into digital format and delivered on CD and included into the program.  Revisions can then be sent out to the crews via email file attachments, copied onto CD’s or printed out for mailings.

Maintenance: The Maintenance Module records the times and cycles from the Trip Termination Report on the airframe and engines and downloads this information immediately it is sent into any of several commercial tracking programs. Thus, the company can print out a MX status report at any time with 100% accuracy. The task cards for all the letter checks can be digitized and available at any outstation via the Internet and as terminated, recorded on line while the hard copies are mailed in for permanently stored historical records. Maintenance status reporting then can present each aircraft or the entire fleet with immediate and up to date status reports reflecting all the time sensitive rotables, letter checks, AD’s and SB’s, EO’s, SSID’s and CPCP inspections. The time saved here over having record clerks laboriously entering by hand, each of the hours and cycles for every aircraft from the mailed or phoned in ships logs is enormous. The chance for transposition and other human errors is virtually eliminated.

Marketing & Sales: All the contracts, contacts, budgets, trip estimating, current and future schedules, etc. required to effectively manage the marketing & sales department are included in this module. Company letterhead and brochures are included as well as all the management pages) that can be matched to the client land personnel lists for mailings and correspondence. Once any prospective flight is booked, availability of aircraft is immediate via the maintenance forms and crew scheduling data. Marketing personnel know before hand when aircraft are available for ad hoc and additional flights. The time saved with this addition is substantial. Your company web site can advertise fractional as well as whole time aircraft sales and /or charter and spotlight the management capabilities, etc. Once listed properly and continually with the search engines, space on the site can be sold as advertising significantly garnering additional revenues for the management company.

No longer are calls between scheduling and maintenance necessary to verify availability. Flights, once scheduled they immediately appear in the crew scheduler’s database and automatic notices are generated to all departments.  Accounts receivable data is updated immediately a new flight is entered into and any deposits are reflected in all the financial databases.

Personnel: The company personnel database contains lists of employees divided into departments. Thus flight deck crews comprise one such list, which is further searchable by position and equipment. Thus, for example, if a letter were desired to be sent to only the captains of a particular type aircraft, the recipients can be immediately accessed and a letter generated, either for electronic transmission or to be printed along with the mailing labels for hard copies. The personnel data base is accessible from all the management screens within the program.

Crew Scheduling: The scheduling module presents a virtual bid sheet for the crew members who can make their selections on-line or print out and mail /fax back hard copies of their bid forms. New schedules can be viewed and modified by the schedulers and planning department. Aircraft availability and MX status are also displayed in real time.

Mail Box: A feature of the LAN/ WAN system allows each employee to have a personal mail box that he can access from his home computer or laptop, Palm Pilot, etc. in the field.

LAN:  local Area network. Through AirsharesPro we have an install division that can network your companies computers, install new equipment including cabling, computers and printers at very competitive prices. We can install the servers and make the connections necessary to establish a fully networked company wide system

WAN: The Wide Area network is the internet (broad band) connection that allows your company to present your home page with as much customized features as desired and constructs a firewall that allows owners, managers and employees access to the management program via Personal Identification numbers (PINS) that controls access to the various levels of the program.

We can demonstrate this program at your offices or you can schedule a visit to our Fort Lauderdale office at any time. A sample demo is available at ASPAM . Depending on the level of sophistication and the desired modules, we can deliver a contract sales or rental price for the Airline Management Program including a schedule of hardware and related tasks required to insure that the program will operate effectively.

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