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In applying values to specific aircraft or aircraft transactions adjustments must be made for all upgrades, improvements to the specific aircraft, and its year of manufacture, as must adjustments be made for "less than" Base Aircraft specifications or conditions.

Caribex Inc. follows the traditional industry standards for market evaluations, which are based on half-life (time) of life limited parts, time between overhaul (TBO) on the airframe, engines, landing gear, APU and the traditional high-cost maintenance items.

The following parameters and assumptions are utilized for purposes of standardized comparisons.

That the aircraft has half-life remaining on its airframe, engine/s, landing gear, APU and time-controlled components to their next scheduled major overhaul or shop visit.

Are the current airline operations; under an approved airline maintenance program and in compliance with all Airworthiness Directives (ADs), and applicable Service Bulletins (SBs).

Has Traceability of life-limited and time controlled parts, all repairs and modifications been checked and signed off with full documentation; is in standard airline configuration.

Values are based on the oldest models and high-time aircraft of the subject series. Later delivered, low time and low hour: cycle ratios will bring higher values, as will Hi-gross/ Hi-powered aircraft. Those with high levels of modification compliance, life extensions, excellent maintenance quality, etc. will bring increased prices as well.

Conversely, market value, as well as actual appraised value, is detrimentally affected on aircraft that have been out of service or off-certificate for prolonged periods of time or whose condition, specifications, or mod status are below current BASE standards and/or are in the hands of those who cannot or will not support modifications, upgrades, or conversions. Higher than industry average cycles, hours, and/or hour-cycle ratio will also reflect lower values.

Changes in the above parameters and assumptions, as well as availability of long term financing by the seller, can increase the market price 10 to 15% or more without difficulty. Distress sales can depress prices 30 to 50%. Stored aircraft can lose 15% in the first year. 

A proper inspection appraisal takes 3 to 5 days to complete and may involve 2 inspectors, depending on the type of aircraft. The completed report (about 60 odd pages) examines every aspect of the aircraft and includes photos, copies of the maintenance status report, registration and airworthiness certificate which are placed in the appendices.

Appraisals can be made as a "desktop" wherein the information is supplied by the client or "on site," where the appraiser travels to inspect the aircraft and records first hand. Of the two, the "desk top" is considerably less expensive. Please contact us for a quote.

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