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Business & Airline Audits

The following areas are offered as a menu driven auditing program that can be implemented in whole, or in part. The purpose of the audit is to determine the cost effectiveness of each of the carrier’s various departments compared to industry standards, original master budgets and the original business development plan.

Upon completion the auditors will prepare a detailed report identifying any and all areas where discrepancies are found resulting in higher than planned for overheads and other inefficiencies. Each area wherein expenditures are not aligned with standard airline outlays or not in compliance with the desired results will be presented and in each case several methodologies will be suggested wherein, when implemented, corrections will be made to the overall benefit of the operation.   The airline audit examines any or all of the following areas:


  • Type and model of aircraft operated

  • Fleet condition, MIP, SSID, CPCP, AD’s, SB,s  physical survey

  • Analysis of existing leases, lease rates, vs. current rates

  • Analysis of purchased aircraft Appraisals, equity , Finance rates

  • General industry costs to operate each type of aircraft.

  • Comparison of carriers costs to industry averages


  • Crew training programs

  • Flight Attendant training programs

  • Manual discrepancies ( updates)

  • Flight planning

  • Dispatch Services

  • Crew scheduling; (ratio of crews to aircraft) over or under staffed.

  • Crew efficiency

  • Duty regulations

  • Crew contracts


  • Vendor programs; looks at each out-sourced contract, examines rates for competitiveness

  •  Audit of spares on hand,  appraisal Tooling: equity and valuation

  • Hourly costs per aircraft -matches routine and non routine MX costs to each aircraft by SN

  • Engine condition by SN, Hrs, Cys, per aircraft per fleet Maintenance budget review: seeks to examine all expenditures by MX department identifying any area appearing excessive.

  • Review of MX department, numbers of personnel, positions, seeks to determine of the department is over or under staffed.

  • Review of in-house service equipment, tooling, etc. to determine value, equity, appraisal and list of surplus equipment.

The purpose of the audit is to deliver specific department related suggestions to the management team including, if desired, re-organization plans and  debt restructuring.

The audit program is conducted by airline professionals with many years of experience in their specialized areas.


 Marketing & Sales:

  • Reviews marketing budgets,  tracking & matching advertising and sales programs with sales results.

  • Reviews past and future marketing

  • Compares current marketing budget to original master budgets.

  • Determines ratio between marketing, advertising and sales revenues

  • Examines best and worst markets

  • Reviews commission structure and relationship with vendors and travel agencies

  • Reviews code sharing agreements

  • Reviews reservations programs and determines cost effectiveness of existing program vs. alternatives.


General & Administrative:

  • Examines office and administrative positions for proportion to the norm

  • Matches salaries and remuneration packages with industry averages & revenues

  • Examines master budget with CFO and accounting department

  • Compares master budget to various department budgets and performance

  • Examines current and on-going litigation

  • Examines legal staff and outsourced legal overheads

  • Examines non –rev ratios and procedures

  • Examines master and departmental budgets with  CFO

  • Examines Insurance costs and compares alternatives

  • Examines future route and fleet planning with management

  • Review of all debt - short & long term

  • Review of pension program and pension funding

  • Review of all accounts and accounting records

  • Review of ARC program

  • Review of fuel and vendor contracts  


Total transparency: Caribex Inc.& Associates can deliver master and departmental budgets that are tied to a virtual company check book for all payables. The budget is delivered with a breakdown for each department and is available to all management personnel via a secure password commercial firewall protected access program graduated as to desired access as determined by the management team. Thus, the company records, accounts, reports and books can be accessed by the CFO and other management personnel no matter where they may be located worldwide. By utilization of this format all the payables are tied to pre-approved budgets so that no payment can be made to anyone not listed in the approved list of vendors, etc. Extraordinary payments can only then be made with dual signatures of selected officers.

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