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Caribex Inc. has obtained US FAA certification as well as foreign  AOC's (Aircraft Operating certificates) for a number of carriers.

We can assist in the acquisition of :

  • FAR 121

  • FAR 135

  • FAR 129

  • DOT 401

  • DOT 402


We have specialists available with many years of experience in these difficult areas who can save new or existing operators adding new categories of aircraft, considerable expense.

We have manuals on disc that can be tailored to the express requirements of the new operator. We can assist in adding new aircraft to an existing certificate as well. 

We can assist with US 121 certification under the now mandated C-Set format. We are able to assist in the delivery of C-SET acceptable manuals and schedule our delivery often within 8 to 11 months.

Our methodology, in approaching certification or the addition of different aircraft to an existing certificate, begins with creating a realistic preliminary budget based on requirements and end objectives. 

We will not recommend expenditures until the funding source is shown to be adequate for the desired endeavor. Such considerations  include whatever FAA/ DOT requirements are going to be needed to meet the economic guidelines necessary to commence revenue operations.

Under the 135 certification process, FAA certification criteria changes from one FSDO to another. We have personnel who are conversant with the latest requirements and are able to direct the operator in the correct and least expensive route.

A company wishing 121 certification has to be well organized and thoroughly conversant with its manuals. The group has to work as a team just as the pilots work together under the CRM concept. The officers of a 121 certificated carrier  have to be familiar with each others job description and manage their company according to the safety focused precepts described in their manuals.


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