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Ferry and Positioning Flights

Caribex Inc. has been in the commercial and private aircraft ferry business for many years. During that time we have delivered and retrieved aircraft from locations worldwide.

In 1997 we moved a B-727 aircraft from Taiwan to California. In 1998 we made flight ready an L-188 in Central America and delivered it to Abbotsford Canada where we remained to instruct the crews and ground and engineers in the operation of the aircraft. In 1992 we delivered an L-188  ( Lockheed Electra) from  the USA to Peru and then on to Africa. Last year we delivered 727's to Indonesia and made dozens of flights into Russia, Europe and between Europe and the US.  Considerations in aircraft delivery include  the following:

  • Insurance

  • Fuel

  • Current and qualified crews

  • Landing permits and over flights

  • Legal consideration regarding ownership and authority

  • Navigation charts and proper manuals and reference material

  • Crew travel arrangements

  • Pre-flight inspections

  • Post flight reporting

Caribex Inc. offers a full turn key service or any of the above when the owner or lessor's are providing some of the items.

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