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Fractional Aircraft Ownership Program

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The Program:

Caribex  can offer 25% ownership in a corporation that will own 100% of a private Jet along with several other managed aircraft for back up. The Caribex mutable ownership program that was originated  in the 70’s by Caribex Inc. This is one of oldest multi ownership programs in the country.

The program allows up to 4 individuals to own an equal percentages of stock in a corporation that owns, as its only asset, 100% of the aircraft. The individuals, or their companies, who purchase the stock shares, contract with the management company  to manage the aircraft.

The management company hires and trains the crews, provides for the hangar, schedules the maintenance , provides  insurance, handles the scheduling of the aircraft on a 24 / 7 basis, provides full and detailed accounting and maintains the corporate records. The management company also locates other parties to purchase the shares of any existing shareholder who wishes to divest himself of his ownership in the aircraft and, in  all, make the ownership and use of the aircraft affordable and enjoyable.

The owners ( shareholders) share equally in the fixed overhead, (crews, hangar, insurance, management, etc.) and pay individually for their fuel, engine overhaul insurance and maintenance reserves plus any expenses for their flights.  The fixed monthly costs then are shared among the four (4) owners, vastly reducing the operational costs of private jet ownership.

Each stockholder will receive 25% of the depreciation over 3 years. This effectively depreciates the asset to salvage value over the same time period which is aggressive but allowable. Additionally, the owners will receive quarterly and annual statements indicating their share of the deductible expenses of the corporation which will include the expenses of the management company and any costs of flights that they operated that are designated as business expenses.

A monthly fee will be charged to each owner of approximately $12,5000.00 This will cover the salaries of the crew, monthly maintenance,  hangar, hull and liability insurance as well as accounting services and management fees. The costs to fly are billed to each owner on a per trip basis for fuel, landing fees, catering, overnights etc.  Reserves will be billed monthly and payable in advance of any flights following the due month.

The aircraft is scheduled on ad hoc basis, as desired by the owners. Any owner can schedule the aircraft as much as he wishes. Conflicts, in fairness, will be settled in favor of the owner who has flown the least. An internet site is established that displays the monthly schedule. All scheduled flights will be indicated immediately they are booked and any owner can schedule a flight on the interactive data base enabled Caribex site.  In operation, all scheduled flights will indicate on the posted schedule as either (open)  meaning that any other owner is invited to share the expenses for a seat, or reserved ( private) for that owner exclusively.

The owners will be able to see, in real time, exactly where their aircraft is from a link on the site.  Any flight can include, at a daily cost of $250.00, the services of a trained flight attendant. Catering and ground transport are arranged as desired by the owner scheduling the flight. Normal dry supplies and soft drinks are always on board as well as liquor, which is charged on a per trip basis along with any special in flight meals which are ordered when required.

The company stock will be designated so that no security interest can be made against it. Thus the asset of the corporation ( the aircraft), will remain free and clear, Each owner will bring to the closing a payment equal to 100% of his shares. In advance of the actual closing, 100% of the deposits for shares will be placed into Insured Aircraft and Title, Inc.’s escrow’s account in Oklahoma city. At closing, the aircraft’s title will be signed over to the new corporation and each owner will own 25% of the stock of the corporation. The shares will remain in the corporate books to be held in trust by the corporate attorney. The owners will be free to change the management company at any time and to divest themselves of the stock or sell the asset as they wish.

In the Caribex plan, the owners actually own the aircraft outright. This is not a fractional ownership with 12 to 16 or more owners buying time or any kind of lease deal as so many of the multi ownership program are. The aircraft hull and liability insurance are set at whatever level the owners wish ( generally $5 to 10 million)  $250. million liability with full medical and hull coverage to match the purchase price with zero deductible.

The operating costs include a per hour figure for  engine overhaul insurance as well   as a funds for routine and non routine maintenance and reserve payments  toward future hourly inspections.

The plan is about as simple as it can be.  If you have an interest in this, please contact us any time

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