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General Consulting Services
Caribex Inc offers consulting services to individuals and companies involved in various areas of the aviation industry

Aviation changes every day. If it works itís obsolete. This means aviation companies who have the most accurate and up to date understanding of the industry will achieve better results and stay ahead of the competition.

 Over the past 30 years we've become one of the industry leaders in providing planning assistance to operators, airlines, airports and financial institutions. Obtaining results for our clients means having the capability to deliver reliable information. The data we provide has been tested. We are one of the very few consulting companies who have actually owned and operated aviation companies. 

Our philosophy is different from most information providers. Our financial planning and route analysis reflect month-by-month real world costs for every possible overhead contrasted against variable levels of revenues expressed in standard accounting terminology.  

We can also deliver customized or generic manuals for 135, 129 or 121 operators. We are familiar with all types of aircraft and understand the costs of and complexities of real world maintenance. 

We ask questions that require thoughtful answers.  We make things happen because we don't offer canned reports, studies or plans- we're well ahead of most of the existing so-called  consultants and so are our clients.

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