CARIBEX can provide consulting services to parties interested in learning more about tethered or movable surveillance platforms and flying devices.

The Contractor is an industry leader in providing time-sensitive tactical response solutions. Their ability to incorporate advanced technologies into unmanned systems quickly, and effectively transition them into operational systems, is the hallmark of our business base. The company is dedicated to creating next generation tactical surveillance aeronautical solutions designed to support the war-fighter and protect and secure your homeland.


A digital color camera provides enhanced situational awareness, mission planning, visualization, fixture identification, while a Light Detector and Ranging (LIDAR) sensor collects high-resolution, high accuracy elevation data that can be used to generate 3D views. Uses for LIDAR/elevation data and 3D views include:

Analyze vertical obstructions and slopes for mission planning

Identify near-exact X, Y, and Z coordinates for targeting

Calculating volume for flood modeling


. Security surveillance (Oil Platforms, remote sites, ships, etc)

Urban planning

Real estate



Sensor-equipped, helium filled tethered aerostats used for force protection Facilities: Production and integration facilities

System integration

Testing: System test and evaluation including acceptance testing Concept to deployment in four months Fabrication and Assembly: Black boxes, components, and sub-components.

Training: Design, develop, and deliver training for the entire system. Selected and trained PGSS instructors, field operators, and technicians ready for service at our training facility.

Deployment Support: Initial deployment and operational support. Deployed to over 40 operational sites in Afghanistan in under 2 years

Tailored Logistics: Multi-location logistics support, maintenance support, and redeployment Rapid Prototyping: Excels in rapid concept-to-deployment of systems




The hardware supplier has been in the business of designing and fabricating custom, mission-specific shelters for nearly ten years. These shelters are being used around the world for UAV operations as well as for remote monitoring and communications. personnel often deploy as operators along with our shelters, which provides us with an excellent feedback loop that we use in new designs and follow on efforts. We have also gained valuable knowledge from our deployed personnel on how operations personnel conduct their daily business and what is needed. From a human factor standpoint, this information is invaluable when designing the layout of shelters that will be used in the field.

Designs, fabricates, and integrates ground control systems used for UAS command and control, intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR), drug enforcement, mapping and change detection, and remote operations. The shelters are deployed to harsh environments throughout the world. The manufacturer can  provide quality, turnkey shelters for rapid deployments in support of quick reaction efforts. maintains an inventory of S-280, NATO, and custom shelters. The company can provide quick-turn, mission-specific shelters to clients worldwide.


Performs all the design, fabrication, electrical, and integration work for  shelters. This includes the following:

Design and fabrication of workspace areas

Design and fabrication of overhead racks

Design and fabrication of ducting for environmental controls

Thermal analysis

Power analysis and budgeting

Electrical layout and installation




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