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Aircraft and Asset Inspections

The following describes the protocol involved in lease origination and termination inspections as well as inspection appraisals. These reports can be used when legal disputes require substantial evidence of condition or other purposes wherein a detailed physical snap-shot is required.


  • Intro

  • Objective

  • Timing

  • Scope of Work

  • Reporting

  • Coordination

  • Protocol

  • Assignment Performance Measures

  • Measures


  • Items 1-18

  • Aircraft Technical Records Summary and Key Findings


  • Items 1-22

  • Aircraft Physical Inspection Summary and Key Findings





To gain the necessary knowledge the following "Aircraft Integration Inspection" has been designed. The document produced will be used by various parts of the company. In order to carry out this inspection properly in is imperative that all data collected is accurate and correct. By ensuring that this standard is met it will allow all individuals who utilize the reports to gain the maximum amount of knowledge on the aircraft .

The following pages will briefly explain the procedures and give guidance on completing the report.


The objective is:

To gather the information/data required for Caribex Inc. personnel to become as familiar and as knowledgeable with these aircraft as possible as well as alert the Caribex Inc. Customer Support to any major defects in the aircraft, records, or operations.

To gain a "Snap-Shot" or "Picture" of the overall condition of the aircraft and records at the time of inspection.

To provide the necessary information/data required for the initial input of each aircraft into the Caribex Inc. CATS Database.

To initiate or update the lessee performance rating.


Once completed, the reports are emailed to the Customer Support Surveillance Department so that it can be filed electronically and be available for future reference (future inspections). All support data collected during inspection is generally forwarded to the same dept at Caribex Inc.  Florida


The assignment will involve three key areas. The technical records review

It is not practical to audit all the individual technical records. The reviews are completed on a sampling basis to a checklist provided for the purpose for each individual aircraft.

Fleet aircraft inspection:
Each aircraft must be individually inspected. A sampling inspection of multiple aircraft is not acceptable.

The aircraft will be assessed for general condition, based on a walk around type inspection. The level of access, and therefore the depth of inspection, is dependent on the status of the aircraft at the time.

While we try to plan for the maximum time possible to inspect the aircraft, the lessees operational commitments often dictate that the inspection is completed on a turn around (or number of turnarounds), overnight check etc. There is also a requirement to take digital photographs and views to a format that is attached as an appendix to the document.


Data gathering and verification

During both the inspections of the aircraft and technical records, certain data and information will be required to be obtained or verified, against a checklist.


One report is provided to meet the clients objectives.

Note: As a courtesy, the inspector will also attach the completed report to an email and send to Caribex Customer Support so that it can be electronically filed and available to forward to inspectors for future visits to that specific operator.

The Technical Records and Physical Inspection Summary will focus on the overall condition found during the inspections. These sections include key findings, significant damage, items of concern, area's requiring follow up, etc.

Digital photographs will be taken of each aircraft during the physical inspection. There's no requirement to caption or reference individual photographs unless necessary.

The scope of the inspection is not to be altered as this format has been agreed upon in advance for the purpose of this inspection. However, additions and attachments are acceptable and can be modified to fit particular client requirements.

All comments and descriptions contained in the report are in the past tense, third person removed context.

The words in Italics within the "contents" boxes are provided, as guidance for the inspector to work to the correct level required. All the guidance notes must be deleted prior to return of the report, or where used as part of the text, converted back to normal font.

Much of the report is in a checklist format. Where the checklist details apparent Leaks - the response could be 'none apparent', or 'seepage from left aileron inboard actuator but still serviceable' or 'excessive fluid leak from left aileron inboard actuator, requires replacement'.

The following is an example of the level of reporting required. Obviously for an aircraft in poor condition the recommendations and comments should be more detailed.


The intent is that when the report arrives to our Customer Support office  it is complete and ready for use as a reference for that specific aircraft. Therefore, the report obviously needs to be checked in detail and proof read prior to dispatch. Once completed, we will print the report and attach the appendices prior to shipment by courier.

It is important that the appropriate appendix header pages separate the hard copy appendices. If additional appendices are appropriate then an extra appendix sheet should be inserted in the report, a copy printed off and inserted in between the relevant hard copy appendices prior to being delivered to Bellevue.

Five simple measures of physical condition are to be used:

Although every aspect of the aircraft does not have to be graded in this way a final grade is required. For example if the cabin of a six month old B737-700 aircraft is still almost 'as new,'  the grade would be "excellent" which would not be expected of a typical aircraft of the same type, age and specification.

The photographs will be digital. These images are be burnt on to a CD, which is then sent with the hard copy report (attached as one of the appendices). An appendix to this document details the photographs to be taken.

The Appendices are to be labeled by their description.

In the case of multiple inspections, a completed report from one aircraft is used as a template for another, that all the previous aircraft data is deleted / amended for the new aircraft. Reports may have data from a previous aircraft. This is obviously very difficult to detect prior to dispatching the report to the customer.

Lessee Performance Ratings are be filled out by inspector upon completion of the report. The Rating Form is then attached as one of the appendices to the final report


When, due to a number of aircraft involved and the time scale for completion, an assignment may require project management.



Prior to and during the inspections:

  1. The Customer will provide a suitable letter of introduction if necessary.

  2. A list of the information required during the review may be forwarded to the Lessee in advance of our visit, to allow them to prepare (A listing of those items is attached)

  3. Caribex Inc. will always work with and around the Lessees operation.

  4. Any correspondence sent to the operator will also be copied to the Caribex Customer Support Office.

  5. If at any time Caribex Inc. inspectors are unable to obtain or validate the information required, the Caribex Inc. regional representative will contact the Customer to discuss the way forward.



  1. Caribex Inc. will complete the inspections in a timely manner.

  2. A number of performance measures have been set forth:



  1. Complete the inspections and report accordingly.

  2. Dispatch the hard copy reports within 7 working days of the completion of the    inspection.

  3. If after having sought advice and used best efforts to gain the requested information, the data can still not be obtained, clearly detail the reasons why the information could not be obtained and report this to the VP Customer Support.

  4. Update the in -house database for each aircraft inspected within 10 working days of  the inspection


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