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View our Airline reservations Software and have a full demonstration of its efficiency

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Airline Reservation Software


use 'admin'  'admin' to log into the back office areas.

An Airline Reservations & Management Reporting System designed by Caribex, Inc.

Reservations, Flight Management, PAP (Passenger Affinity Program), Departure Control and Revenue Accounting

All in one package

All in "Real Time"

RESOLUTIONS IS An Airline Management System designed for maximum ease of use.

  • High Level of Security and Confidentiality.

  • Cost effective low set up and operating costs.

  • Extensive reservation and reporting capabilities.

  • Easily customized to meet your specific needs.

  • Extensive On-line Management Information.

  • Integrated Departure Control, Electronic Ticketing and Baggage Tracking.

  • User-Definable Text Blocks

  • Designed to take advantage of the Internet and its many advantages

  • No special hardware required

  • Immediate and easy access to the public increases direct sales potential.

  • Low Cost - Minimal Set-up Fees and Deposits

How Does RESOLUTIONS compare with other Hosted Systems?

Management / Accounting Reports Available on RESOLUTIONS

available including on line budget and virtual check book

Reservations Control:

Passenger List / Pre-flight Check-in

  • Passenger List / Not Ticketed

  • Passenger Special Requests

  • Future Booking Report

  • List of Confirmed Bookings per flight

  • List of Bookings on Option

  • List of Bookings Requiring Action

  • Waitlist / Status Report

Departure Control / Airport Reports:

  • Passenger Manifest / Boarding List

  • Baggage / Cargo Manifest

  • Go Show List

  • No Show List

  • Flown Revenue Report

  • Issue Boarding Passes (Function)

  • Weight and Balance (Report customized to airline's spec's)

  • Luggage Tracking (Baggage Tag Search Function)


Booking and Flown Statistics:

  • Booking Statistics (Past / Present/ Future)

  • Open Bookings (Confirmed not Boarded)

  • Percentage of bookings to no shows / go shows by route, etc.

  • Load Factors

  • Revenue Seat Miles


Agents Reports:

  • Daily Sales Report

  • Weekly Sales Reports - Open Ticket Summary

  • Seats Booked and Seats Canceled by each agent

  • "E-Ticket" Stock Control -- Outstanding / Open Ticket Reports.

  • Debtors reports

  • Agent performance by route


Accounting / Reconciliation Reports:

  • Daily Sales Report

  • Daily Agent Sales Report

  • Daily Flown Revenue Report

  • Open Ticket Summary

Maintenance Reports and Statistics

  • Tailored to your Companies Requirements



A remarkable cash flow control program that creates a vendor page for each payable and allows the input of limiting payments based on the companies projected or historical figures. The program features a virtual check book or electronic transfer format that replaces the "paper" check book.  This is a separate program that can be offered separately or along with RESOLUTIONS.

See a live demonstration and play with the program at

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